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Please note that we are CLOSED in 2017

​RC Haunt is a Haunted House founded in Rancho Cucamonga, CA offering a fun and frightening Halloween experience. We are a family run haunted house. Our mission is to bring our community together to help our community. Joining us this year for our fundraiser for St. Jude Hospital is Coffin Creek Haunted House of Corona & Mighty VR. Our fundraiser will be an online event that uses 3D 360 degree Virtual Reality to bring both Coffin Creek and RC Haunt to everyone! RC Haunt will still be running Halloween weekend for locals at 12798 Camassia Ct. in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Coffin Creek will be back up and running this October for locals as well! 

RC Haunt began because our son, Zaphire enjoyed scaring people more than he enjoyed trick-or-treating. So we began 10 short years ago just scaring the neighborhood kids here in our home. We went from a small display, to a bigger and bigger one each year. We've haunted a laser tag arena, Bass Pro shops last year, and this year we are doing a Virtual Reality Event! Every year we get better and better at scaring the hell out our community and this year we look forward to scaring people across the country with our online virtual reality event! 

We recommend ages 12 and up. We will gladly welcome younger visitors who are very brave, but consider yourselves warned. We will continue to donate proceeds to local organizations. This year donations will be going to St. Jude Hospital of Fullerton.