Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you not running for Halloween 2017?

RC Haunt will not be running this year, Halloween 2017. The City of Rancho Cucamonga was talking about not allowing home haunts this year, and so we made the decision not to run our haunt this year because of this.

It turns out that the city was not able to pass their initiative, which would have banned Haunted Houses in Rancho Cucamonga, but we had already made the decision not to run by the time this decision was made. It takes us many months to prepare this haunt, and this year we did not start our preparations and do not have enough time to get our haunt together by Halloween without killing ourselves. Please remember that we are just one family who relies heavily on our community to pull off this event each year.

We do not know if this is just a year off, or if this is the end of an era. Either way, we will not be haunting this year. We highly recommend Coffin Creek in Corona as an alternative place to go this year.