Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept credit cards?

No. We only accept cash for this event

Where is RC Haunt Located for Halloween 2016?

​We are both online and at 12798 Camassia Ct. Rancho Cucamonga. Our Virtual Reality even with Mighty VR will be linked to our website when it is available.

When are you open to the public?

We are open on select days: October 28, 29, 30 & 31 7pm-10:30pm

How much are tickets?

Donations for St. Jude will be taken at the door. Suggested donation is $5 per person.

Will you be open in the event of rain?

We will remain open in light rain, but in the event of heavy rain we must close in order to keep our event safe for everyone. Closures will be posted on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  

Is RC Haunt 2016 Handicap Accessible?

RC Haunt 2016 IS NOT Handicap Accessible. We are not a business and are not required by law to be. We apologize for this, but this haunt requires ducking down and has multiple up and down steps as well as narrow walkways. We can not fit a wheelchair through this haunt. 

Are there any discounts or coupons?

Not at this time. Any promos we come up with will be listed here as we get closer to Halloween.

What is the minimum age you will allow in?

Any age child is welcome to come through, but we recommend ages 12 and up.  If you have a younger child who is not afraid to come through, feel free to bring them in, but please use your best judgment.  This attraction does scare adults.  Once you pay, there are no refunds even if your child decides not to go in

Where does my donation go?

Your donations for this event go to operating costs of RC Haunt and to St. Jude Hospital of Fullerton

Can I get a refund?

Once you have paid for your tickets, there are no refunds.  Our cashiers are not able to issue refunds, so please be sure before you buy your ticket.  If you buy your ticket but are too afraid to go in, then we have still done our job

It says this is the 10th Annual RC Haunt.  Where were the other haunts located?

RC Haunt was held in our home in Rancho Cucamonga for the first seven years.  Then it grew so large that we moved it to a Laser Tag arena in 2014. Last year we were at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga.

What organizations have helped put on RC Haunt 2016?

​RC Haunt of Rancho Cucamonga is currently seeking sponsorship for our 2016 event. We have a small army of volunteers from the community that volunteer their time to make this event possible. We are currently accepting applications for volunteer positions and sponsorships. Please use our CONTACT US link if you are interested in helping out. 

Will there be food or activities for younger kids at the event?

Kona Ice of Rancho Cucamonga will be at RC Haunt on October 29, 30 & 31 selling shaved ice and other ice cream treats.  


What are some of the themes that will be in the haunt this year?

This year's theme is Zaphire Borghi's Failed Experiment. To learn more about how his experiment went wrong click 

Do you have a phone number?

We have a number that plays important imformation regarding RC Haunt (323) 909-2486.  If you would like feedback from a person please contact us via Facebook or at our website:

Are there press passes available for this event?

We only offer press passes for legitimate television stations, newspapers, magazines and production companies.  Please contact us at